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A Japanese company in the TOP 10 largest IT service companies in the world.

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Key Facts About NTT DATA

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At NTT DATA, we support our clients’ digital growth through a variety of strategic consulting and advisory services, advanced technologies, infrastructure, IT service modernization, applications, and BPOs. Our expertise spans all industries and geographies we are present.

We strive to create a unique, open community of individuals united by shared values. This community has grown into a vast network of collective talent that can quickly respond to our customers’ changing needs and intelligently anticipate the future.

Our goal is to continue fostering a collaborative, creative, close-knit, and generous environment that allows us to evolve together as a community and society. We aim to thrive in a world full of new and better possibilities. 

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TŌGŌ, your best employee engagement platform

TŌGŌ transforms the way your organization engages and communicates. Its diverse functionalities help increase employee engagement and user adoption, while maintaining easy platform governance. Built on top of Office365, it is the ultimate platform that connects people and information, providing an intuitive and personalized experience.

Created for users, by users, TŌGŌ is the future of work.

Syntphony is NTT DATA's product strategy

TŌGŌ is part of Syntphony, the orchestra where NTT DATA business solutions come together to outperform themselves as performers in perfect sync.

Syntphony offers an ecosystem in which TŌGŌ‘s potential is multiplied to help organizations have a greater power to deploy their business strategies.

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Two people working together. There is a computer through which they connect to their TŌGŌ intranet.

Harmony boost

Our goal is to orchestrate synergies and transform them into a harmonious solution for our clients and partners. The talent and global business knowledge of the NTT DATA team and its experience in integrating end-to-end solutions come together in the Syntphony platform. Along with third-party solutions and alliances, we create innovative products that reach their full potential when combined. The perfect music for each listener.

The Syntphony platform products have the ability to integrate and create synergies with each other, providing effective solutions, in tune with the business needs of the Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail, Utilities and Telecommunications sectors.