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An innovative social Digital Workplace that enables seamless communication and collaboration among employees.


A central point of access for corporate communication

As a significant player in the electricity sector, Redeia functions within the framework of transparency, objectivity, independence, and efficiency as guiding principles. Their unwavering commitment to sustainable development lies at the very heart of their mission.

The overarching objective of Redeia was to establish a centralized platform that serves as a hub for corporate communications, providing users with indispensable information necessary for their day-to-day operations. 

This encompassed granting access to energy reports, facilitating task management, delivering real-time project updates, offering diverse applications, and presenting a wealth of invaluable resources.


A Digital Workplace rapidly deployed

Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of our solution, the solution was able to swiftly renew the intranet, effortlessly incorporating new content.

This innovative solution not only fosters seamless interaction but also allows for seamless integration with third-party applications through the Add-on Model.

In addition to the technical deployment, NTT DATA also conducted a comprehensive change management project with a primary focus on facilitating a smooth transition for users as they embrace the new Digital Workplace solution.

TŌGŌ intranet
We loved it from the very beginning as it met all the requirements we were looking for, and most importantly, it was incredibly fast to implement.

Says Helena Real,
Responsible Internal communication at Redeia





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