Looking for a Digital Workplace to transform the way you work?

Tired of wasting time searching for documents?

Need to apply a content strategy on top of Office 365? 


Discover how TŌGŌ can help you!

Boost your employee Experience

Tired of wasting time searching for Information?

Use the TŌGŌ command bar to find contents related to a topic: People, communities, articles or documents will be suggested, and a full text search with filters is available at just one click!


With TŌGŌ your users will be always updated about what's relevant. 

Release the full power of Microsoft 365

Increase user adoption while accelerating platform ROI

TŌGŌ creates a employee experience that gives sense to the whole Office 365 platform: Share ideas on yammer, upload videos to Stream or create a quick poll in Microsoft Forms. Any application available in Microsoft suite is fully integrated with TŌGŌ.


Increase adoption while defining a contents governance model.

Employee Centric Communities

Corporate Communities are designed to spread company critical information across your employees

Social Communities allow your employees stay updated about any relevant topic in your company. Let your users share, comment, or follow any contents, news, people or Topics.


Foster Collaboration by extending communities with Microsoft 365 apps and features: Microsoft Teams channels and conversations or Microsoft Planner Tasks.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Do you love Microsoft Teams?
We do.

With TŌGŌ you can break Teams silos and share Information across the company


Don’t miss anything! Stay updated about what’s happening in your teams with the document center or search for that file you need in any of the Teams you belong.


Now, collaboration is even easier with TŌGŌ and TEAMS.

Integrate, Adapt
and Extend

Shape your best digital workplace with TŌGŌ

TŌGŌ can be customized to fit in your Company and culture. Define the criteria to promote contents, create your own community templates or customize the elements of your Home Page.


With our add-on module you can integrate Information coming from 3rd party systems such as trainings from Success Factors, tasks from Jira, or SalesForce opportunities.

Easy Content Creation and Sharing

Create content easily in just
two clicks with our new TŌGŌ action bar.

Your content will be automatically promoted and distributed based on its properties: Category, Country or knowledge area, by using the audience targeting and promotion features

Insight Analytics

Knowing your users is the foundation to improve.

TŌGŌ Analytics Module allows you to discover the most insteresting topics, active communities or identify the experts of a matter.


Discover and learn how your users are connecting and consuming content to improve your digital workplace with new initiatives.

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