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What are the benefits of using an intranet solution like TŌGŌ?

You can improve your internal communication and collaboration with a single platform that connects your employees and your company.

Find out more about benefits of using TOGO in the section Solutions.

How does the implementation process for TŌGŌ work?

The implementation process for TŌGŌ is simple and fast. It consists of five steps that you can discover here.

What kind of analytics and reporting does TŌGŌ provide

TŌGŌ provides a comprehensive content analytics system that enables you to measure the engagement and impact of your digital workplace among your employees. You can also track the usage and performance of the platform, as well as the evolution and influence of your solution. TŌGŌ allows you to set up any KPI you want, but some of the main ones that our clients measure are:

Content engagement: How many likes, comments, shares, views, clicks, etc. your contents receive.
Top contents: Which contents are the most popular, relevant, influential, etc. among your audience.
Daily active users: How many users access the platform daily, how long they stay, what they do, etc.
Daily total users: How many users access the platform in total, how often they return, what they do, etc.
Interest: What topics, communities, areas, etc. are the most interesting for your users.
Page depth: How many pages or sections your users visit on the platform.

You can also establish targets and measure the real results over targets.

How does TŌGŌ help with onboarding new employees?

TŌGŌ helps you create a smooth and effective onboarding process for your new employees. With TŌGŌ, you can:

Deliver personalized and relevant communications to your new employees based on their profile, role, department, location, etc. using the Audience Targeting & Content Distribution System.

Connect them with communities of interest around business topics that are relevant for their learning and development. They can share, find, follow and engage with information based on their interests. They can also connect with other employees who share their passion and expertise using the Communities of Interest feature.

Provide them with a single point of access to all the corporate resources and tools they need for their daily work. They can also access all the communications and updates from your company using the Hub for Corporate Resources and Tools feature.

To learn more about how TŌGŌ helps with onboarding new employees, please visit our Human Resources page.

What kind of customer support is available for TŌGŌ?

We offer different customer support plans for TŌGŌ depending on your needs and preferences. To get more detailed information about our customer support plans, please contact us.

What kind of companies does TŌGŌ work with?

TŌGŌ works with companies that: – Have Office 365 as their main IT platform and want to optimize its usage and performance. – Want to improve their internal communication, documentation and collaboration with a single platform that connects their employees, their software and tools, and their company culture. – Want to boost their employee experience, productivity, engagement and retention with a personalized and intuitive platform that adapts to their needs and preferences. – Want to measure the impact and influence of their digital workplace with a content analytics system that tracks the usage, performance and engagement of their platform. – Want to simplify their onboarding process with a platform that delivers personalized and relevant communications and contents to their new employees and connects them with communities of interest and corporate resources. To see some examples of the companies we work with, please visit our clients page.

What languages does TŌGŌ support?

TŌGŌ supports any language that is supported by Office 365. You can configure the language of your platform according to your preferences and needs. You can also create multilingual contents and communications using TŌGŌ.