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TŌGŌ is part of NTT DATA Syntphony, the platform for orchestrating product innovation and commercialization. Syntphony leverages the talent and knowledge of NTT DATA professionals and our experience in delivering integrated, end-to-end solutions that maximize the synergies of the products and technologies. Discover other NTT DATA Syntphony solutions that seamlessly integrate with TŌGŌ and complement your Digital Workplace.


Immersive experiences at scale

TŌGŌ seamlessly integrates with NAKA, an enterprise-level virtual reality platform that allows organizations to create immersive experiences for their customers and/or employees in an easy and fast way. Experiences that can be developed with NAKA include trainings, business processes such as corporate metaverse or onboarding, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, and exhibition and public sales space.

By combining TŌGŌ & NAKA, businesses can improve collaboration, training, and other business interactions more effectively and convincingly. NAKA is a platform where anyone can develop realistic and immersive experiences without incurring high costs or facing real-world risks, facilitating skill development and improving learning outcomes.

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Dolffia by NTT DATA


Unlocking unstructured data with LLMs

TŌGŌ seamlessly integrates with Dolffia, a platform that uses Generative AI to understand, learn, and suggest actions to unblock information from any kind of unstructured data source. As an AI-based document processing platform, Dolffia automatically classifies a wide range of document types, extracts relevant data, reduces the time users spend finding specific complex clauses, answers questions, and retrieves information from the content of the documents.

With TŌGŌ and Dolffia, businesses can automate repetitive manual processes, achieve both financial savings and improved employee engagement. What is also important, the company’s data is not used to train the foundation AI Models. The data is protected by the most comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls and stays in company’s tenant.


Digital learning platform

TŌGŌseamlessly integrates with MELT, a digital learning platform that combines technology, experience, and management to provide quality and efficient learning. MELT offers a secure training technology platform with features such as communication, collaboration, integrated videoconferencing, and training analytics.

By integrating TŌGŌ with MELT, businesses can efficiently manage the entire training process, from user management to digital content creation, videoconferencing, face-to-face training, and analytical reporting. With TŌGŌ and MELT, businesses can provide their employees with a comprehensive and effective digital learning experience that improves their skills and knowledge

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Melt by NTT DATA
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knowler by NTT DATA


Smart knowledge management

TŌGŌ seamlessly integrates with Knowler, a knowledge management tool that acts as a central search, gathering information from structured and unstructured data, including the O365 environment. Knowler uses an AI Engine and an ontology to promote and suggest content to the current user. Knowler is available both as a web access and as a Teams application.

By integrating TŌGŌ with Knowler, businesses can provide their employees with a powerful tool that improves their access to knowledge and information. With TŌGŌ and Knowler, businesses can improve employee productivity and engagement.


Enterprise conversational AI

TŌGŌ integrates seamlessly with eva, a corporate conversational AI platform for building and managing virtual assistants. It uses AI with Generative AI to understand and provide highly personalized responses to users.

By integrating TŌGŌ with eva, businesses can provide their employees with a powerful tool that improves their day-to-day work and reduces the need for support. With TŌGŌ and eva, businesses can achieve both financial savings and improved employee engagement, while also providing quick and efficient support to their employees.

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Habitãt by NTT DATA


The cost-effective workspace optimization

TŌGŌ seamlessly integrates with Habität, a platform that manages facilities with real-time monitoring. Habität’s sensors provide real-time data on the use of office space, which is stored in the cloud and feeds a data visualization and reporting platform. This allows managers to make informed decisions about how to optimize their facilities, reducing structural costs and saving on energy.

By integrating TŌGŌ with Habität, businesses can achieve both financial and environmental savings, while also improving the safety and well-being of their employees. 


The loyalty platform

TŌGŌ seamlessly integrates with Everilion, a platform that integrates solutions for payments, sales, loyalty, and promotions to optimize the profitability of companies. This cloud-based and flexible platform provides the user with a maximum experience with minimal technological footprint.

By integrating TŌGŌ with Everilion, businesses can provide their employees with a powerful, game-oriented tool that improves their efficiency and productivity. With TŌGŌ and Everilion, businesses can improve employee engagement while also providing a reliable and adaptable platform in tune with today’s and tomorrow’s trends.

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Clonika by NTT DATA


Intelligent automation platform

Clonika is a modular solution that offers a business suite of 100% customizable tools, designed to connect corporate strategy with the transformation of operations, maximizing the value of people, processes and technology, placing them where they provide the greatest value to the company to achieve its objectives.

It is an integrated and modular platform that enables enterprises to build adaptable and scalable end-to-end automation solutions by integrating digital transformation technologies from NTT DATA and best-of-breed vendors in areas such as RPA, BPM, Advanced Analytics, Process Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and OCR.