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Internal communications

Connect with your employees through a single communication platform. Plan your communications in an easy, fast and centralized way, with segmented and customized contents according to your employees’ profiles and interests.

Discover some of the main functionalities that will take your internal communication to the next level:

Energy TŌGŌ intranet
NTT DATA's TŌGŌ Intranet
Audience targeting and content distribution system

Communicate effectively with TŌGŌ. Deliver personalized and relevant messages to your employees through different channels and platforms, all based on their preferences and profiles. Create rich content communications with ease and socialize them with likes, comments, or shares.

TŌGŌ analytics

Optimize your digital workplace with TŌGŌ. Measure the engagement and impact of your communications and content among your employees, also know the usage and performance of the platform and track the evolution and influence of your solution.

Social features (likes, comments, follows)

Promote a culture of interaction and feedback with TŌGŌ. Enable your employees to like, comment, or follow any content or community on the platform. Create a sense of belonging and recognition among your employees.

A hub for corporate resources, tools and documents

Streamline your employees’ access to all the resources and tools they need with TŌGŌ. Integrate different solutions (from links to pure integration) to provide a seamless and convenient experience. Access all the information, communications and updates from on, unique hub.

Communities of interest

Enhance your employees’ learning and interests with TŌGŌ. Encourage your employees to join or create communities of interest around any relevant topic. Connect them with other employees who share their passion and expertise. Increase your engagement and network with communities of interest.

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