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Get started with TŌGŌ

When you choose TŌGŌ as your intranet solution, you can expect a smooth and well-planned implementation process during which our team will guide you through a series of practical steps to ensure successful adoption.

Three people working together in an office. There is some computer through which they connect to their TŌGŌ intranet.

Discovery and definition

We work with you and the different areas involved to understand your challenges, define objectives and design your employee digital experience. This helps us tailor our solution to meet your company’s specific needs. We will also work together to define the new solution in terms of technical architecture, content, functionalities, and coexistence plan.


Thanks to our agile project plan, we can implement TŌGŌ in less than 2 months, offering a single point of entry to your Office 365 environment. This “fast track” integration covers communication, collaboration, and access to employee services. TŌGŌ is designed to support hybrid work environments, making it easy for employees to access information and collaborate whether they are working from the office or remotely.

Transparent and

We provide you with all the necessary information, including documents, training, and meetings, to ensure a smooth transition to TŌGŌ. Our rapid and iterative platform allows you to see the benefits of TŌGŌ in action from day one.

Analysis and optimization

Once implemented, we analyze the impact of different actions and if needed, propose solutions iteratively based on insights extracted from metrics. Non-conformity and evolution are the keys to our approach. TŌGŌ’s analysis and optimization capabilities help ensure that your employee engagement strategy is effective and that your team is fully engaged.

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Constant evolution

TŌGŌ evolves with your goals and employees’ needs. We keep in touch throughout the entire duration of your use of TŌGŌ intranet solution, providing support and keeping you informed about all new enhancements and features from TŌGŌ as well as Office 365. TŌGŌ’s constant evolution ensures that your digital workplace remains up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in knowledge management, employee experience, internal communication and more.

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