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A single access to training with a student-centered approach and digital knowledge management.


Enhancing knowledge management within a company

This leading energy company recognized the importance of establishing a comprehensive knowledge management system for its suppliers and embarked on a mission to deliver a robust solution that would encompass all aspects of knowledge acquisition and sharing.

The company’s primary objective was to develop a 360-degree solution that effectively addressed the training needs of employees throughout their professional journey. 

This encompassed the development of comprehensive initial training programs for new hires, as well as subsequent training courses aimed at supporting ongoing skill development and knowledge enhancement. 

Furthermore, the company aimed to create a centralized knowledge portal that would serve as a centralized repository for all training materials, ensuring easy access and providing a seamless user experience.


A complete evolution of the training model

A transformative shift in the current academic model was envisioned, placing emphasis on a student-centered approach while incorporating centralized management and a robust digital component.

TŌGŌ allowed to implement advanced functionalities such as document management, a service portal, and a collaborative environment. Additionally, to meet specific requirements, the learning environment employed is Melt Learning (also by NTT DATA), seamlessly integrated with TŌGŌ. 

This integration ensured a seamless and cohesive experience for users across both applications, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in knowledge sharing and learning processes.

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