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How do we use Analytics at Syntphony Employee Intranet?

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In the current digital era, where information and connectivity are essential, intranets emerge as crucial tools for connecting organizations and employees. These platforms go beyond being mere channels for internal communication; they transform into vital spaces for employees, fostering integration, collaboration, and immediate access to resources relevant to daily work.

In this context, Analytics for an intranet, such as those offered by Syntphony Employee Intranet, play a fundamental role. They enable companies to generate a set of indicators (KPIs), such as engagement, activity, or interest, with the goal of understanding employee interaction with the platform. With the information obtained, companies can identify what works and what doesn’t, enabling continuous improvement of the intranet.

Furthermore, Analytics can reveal which content has a greater impact, which communities generate more interest, and which departments are more active within the intranet, among many others. All this information is vital for creating a more personalized and engaging experience on the intranet, progressively enhancing the employee experience.

In the rest of the article, we will delve into how Syntphony Employee Intranet’s Analytics help enrich the employee experience, improving internal communication and engagement.

Analytics applied to intranets

One of the current challenges of Analytics applied to intranets is that often they only provide indicators offering a particular and not a comprehensive view, limiting their usefulness. However, Syntphony Employee Intranet offers a global and unified view of user behavior on the intranet.

This perspective allows for the analysis of data collectively, capturing engagement, considered by many companies as the primary key performance indicator of an intranet. This indicator ultimately summarizes the impact the intranet has on its employees.


Syntphony Employee Intranet records a wide range of employee interactions and has the ability to consolidate all this data into a dashboard, which is updated daily and provides access to various indicators.

This dashboard allows hierarchical navigation, starting with the main indicator, which is engagement. It also allows for detailed information, such as the number of likes from a specific department within a specified period. For example, how many likes the contents of a user community in the London office received during the month of January.

Furthermore, in this hierarchical navigation, filters can be applied based on dimensions such as department, office, or community, allowing a better understanding of what is happening on the intranet. For instance, the documents most collaborated on by the marketing department in the Madrid office in the month of December.



Adding context to these metrics allows us to obtain quality information about the use of the intranet, ranging from evaluating the strategies we are implementing to identifying communities that are generating more interest, and ultimately discovering the contents that work best for a subset of employees. This information enables us to iteratively improve engagement with employees.

For example, if we identify that a specific department is generating interest well above the average, we can analyze how the content is organized and what content promotion strategy they are using. We can then start applying these techniques in another department. 

Furthermore, we can track the impact generated in the new department and make small adjustments to continuously enhance employee engagement in that area.

This ability to delve deeper allows the client to transition from a general analysis to a detailed and specific one, which is essential for fully understanding user activity on the platform and determining what is working and what is not, and how to enhance it.

These dimensions provide the advantage of gradually exploring more specific levels of engagement, thus gaining a comprehensive view of user activity on the platform and understanding how to improve the overall experience.

Flexibility, key for clients

One of the strengths offered by the Syntphony Employee Intranet architecture is that clients not only can leverage Syntphony Employee Intranet’s dashboard but also have the option to build their own. This enables them to generate their own key performance indicators (KPIs) and customized reports, including the creation of new KPIs that align with their specific measurement needs.

In summary, Analytics in Syntphony Employee Intranet are more than just a set of data; they are the backbone that supports continuous improvement in the intranet. Through a comprehensive process, from data collection to the analytical possibilities the tool offers, the ability to analyze digital events with detailed dimensions has been perfected.

The central KPIs—engagement, interest, and activity—combined with different dimensions, help provide a deep and specific insight into how employees use the intranet in their day-to-day activities. Syntphony Employee Intranet analyzes present data to define improvements for the future, significantly enhancing the experience and professional development of each employee.


For a deeper understanding of the crucial role Analytics play in the intranet and to explore the key benefits they bring, we invite you to read our detailed article here.

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