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A brand new intranet in less than 2 months

Industry Travel
Location Italy
A brand-new Digital Workplace that enables employees to stay informed about company news and easily access key applications.


Developing an intranet in record time

The company had not yet established an intranet or devised an all-encompassing internal communication strategy. Instead, they relied on a limited number of repositories to store their corporate documentation.

However, driven by their forward-thinking vision to establish a pioneering air carrier that would seamlessly connect Italy with destinations worldwide, an urgent imperative emerged to expedite the development of an intranet within an exceedingly constrained timeframe of less than two months.


A fast-track deployment

With the invaluable support of our local team, TŌGŌ successfully deployed the new Social Digital Workplace thanks to the communication and collaboration tool. This provided the company with the platform to connect and engage with all employees as well as efficiently store all corporate content.

By creating dedicated communities for each department, TŌGŌ supported the company in establishing a space where the employees could easily access relevant news and resources tailored to their specific needs.

Furthermore, leveraging the Add-on Model, the intranet was customized by developing collaborative and multidirectional spaces that fostered the exchange of ideas. These spaces allowed employees to vote and evaluate company initiatives.

But that’s not all: recognizing the importance of a smooth transition, NTT DATA also helped to implement a comprehensive change management project focused on driving strong adoption of the new platform.

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