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A comprehensive employee portal that centralizes access to all services, enhancing communication and collaboration. With a focus on efficiency, employees can easily navigate through a wide range of essential services, simplifying daily routines.


Unifying employee services catalog

Facing the complex task of integrating access to various employee services, the airline approached us with an exciting challenge. Previously, these services were scattered across ten different platforms, leading to inefficiencies and difficulties in managing the diverse range of tools.

Recognizing the need for a unified solution, the airline sought our expertise in creating a seamless platform that would simplify access to all employee services.


An empowering employee portal with communication spaces

Embracing the challenge head-on, our team collaborated to develop a cutting-edge employee portal. Thanks to the support of our local team, we deployed TŌGŌ for communication and collaboration

Moreover, the Add-on Model ensures seamless integration with existing corporate applications, allowing employees to effortlessly navigate between different tools while maintaining a unified user experience.  

But that’s not all: recognizing that the success of any technological transformation relies on effective change management, NTT DATA designed and executed a comprehensive change management project focused on facilitating a smooth transition to the new platform. 

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