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An innovative social Digital Workplace that enhances collaboration and communication and empowers employees to access and engage with content.


Streamline information and engagement

In line with their commitment to effective communication and information dissemination, the client, a global leader renowned for its expertise in developing and managing sustainable infrastructure solutions, sought to implement an omnichannel strategy to efficiently deliver corporate content to all employees. 

By introducing a unified platform, all relevant content would be accessible in one place, allowing users to consume information through the right channels based on their specific working profiles. 

This approach ensured that employees would receive the content tailored to their needs, enhancing engagement and optimizing the utilization of resources.


Enhancing connectivity and content management

TŌGŌ enabled the company to enhance communication and collaboration. Employees now have multiple options to access the platform, whether through a web browser, Microsoft Teams, or a dedicated corporate mobile app.

This comprehensive solution enabled content owners to efficiently manage and track the consumption of content across all channels. With a single platform, they got centralized control over the content, ensuring consistency and facilitating seamless access for all employees. This streamlined approach promoted effective content management and allowed for real-time tracking of usage, providing valuable insights into employee engagement and content effectiveness.

A cohesive and flexible Digital Workplace was created, empowering employees to access and engage with relevant content according to their preferences and working styles. This not only enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing but also optimizes the overall employee experience within the organization.

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