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Introducing new section: Microsoft 365

SharePoint is a content platform that allows people to communicate and collaborate with great flexibility. It is part of the Microsoft 365 universe and is one of the most widely used business tools in the world today. 

Aware that the SharePoint universe is constantly evolving, we have launched this new Microsoft 365 section where we will keep you informed about the main updates that Microsoft 365 incorporates into SharePoint, so you can always stay up-to-date. 

Additionally, we will discuss how TŌGŌ’s features integrate with some of these updates. Let’s get started! 

Simplified page creation

SharePoint has introduced several innovations aimed at making site and page creation easier. Notable among these are the addition of Copilot, the redefinition of the start-up experience, and the real-time authoring system. 

A smarter process through Copilot

Copilot incorporates web context and intelligence, user’s work data, and what users are currently doing on their computer to provide better assistance in site and page creation.

A new start experience

Furthermore, SharePoint has introduced a new start experience that includes templates connecting the intranet to various communication possibilities such as newsletters, event announcements, project tracking sites, travel reports, and more.

A real-time co-authoring system

The new co-editing capabilities of SharePoint make it easier for editors to be connected on the same page and collaborate on their content in real-time.

More attractive content

Next, we will discuss the main updates related to the aesthetic sophistication of the pages. 

A new Brand Center

It’s worth noting the new Brand Center, which allows you to specify fonts, colors, logos, and other design elements that reflect the organization’s identity and products and can be reused on different websites. 

A novel image editor

Another addition has been this image editing functionality with advanced capabilities (shape cropping, color adjustment, adding filters, and text overlay). Moreover, they have introduced new video templates to create pages not only from SharePoint but also from Stream. 

A new panel for embedding content in pages

This functionality enables quick exploration and addition of content to sites, including suggestions. Furthermore, SharePoint now allows page editing from Teams, expanding the reach of the content. 

That concludes this overview! These are the latest updates for page creation introduced by SharePoint. It’s a comprehensive roadmap aimed at enhancing and elevating digital work, and TŌGŌ is continually aligned with these advancements. 

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