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Italian insurance company

Redefining internal communication

Industry Insurance
Location Italy
An innovative and highly advanced employee portal, meticulously designed to revolutionize information enhancement and optimize communication within the organization.


Empowerment through communication

This leading insurance company recognized the need for a comprehensive and modern employee portal to facilitate seamless communication and enhance collaboration among its workforce. 

They envisioned a platform that would enable bi-directional communication and provide a vast set of valuable content, improving what was already available on their existing intranet.

This new portal aimed to bring employees together, encourage collaboration, and provide a centralized hub for all relevant content.


A cutting-edge employee portal

TŌGŌ played a pivotal role in defining and constructing this cutting-edge employee portal. Leveraging their expertise, the NTT DATA team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing portal, meticulously examining its functionalities and capabilities. 

With a profound understanding of the organization’s specific needs, NTT DATA proposed an alternative solution, leveraging the capabilities of Office 365. This solution tapped into the combined power of SharePoint and TŌGŌ, offering exceptional value to meet the organization’s requirements.

Through a strategic migration process, the organization successfully transitioned to the new employee portal, unlocking a host of enhanced features and functionalities. 

TŌGŌ seamlessly integrated social features into all the contents, fostering collaboration and engagement among employees. This integration allowed for interactive discussions, file sharing, and real-time feedback, facilitating knowledge sharing and driving productivity within the organization.

In summary, TŌGŌ did not only transformed the way information is accessed and shared but also fostered a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement within the organization.

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