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A decentralized platform that helps generate engagement and allows employees of the company to collaborate and communicate.
“It was important to have a good user experience, one that was similar to the way people interact in their personal lives every day”

Explains Oscar Sopeña,
Digital Workplace Manager at Amadeus 


Unifying the Digital Employee Experience

The goal was to provide a unique digital experience to users by enabling the sharing of communications, content, and applications across more than 300 groups and 20,000 employees.

What were the goals?

– Personalize the employee experience by providing relevant content
– Improve content distribution effectiveness
– Create a more human, close, and relaxed experience 


NEO, a Digital Workplace platform

Amadeus employees access their Digital workplace environment to be updated about any communications, search, find communities or access applications inside and outside Office 365. 

Content is promoted based on users’ interests and profiles and they can follow specific individuals or entire communities of employees, facilitating collaboration even when colleagues are in different time zones. 

TŌGŌ brought four functionalities that were crucial for Amadeus:

– Personalization: It enabled the adaptation of content to each user’s profile and preferences, providing a tailored experience.
– Sidebar menu: This feature greatly facilitated user tasks by offering easy access to important functions and navigation within the application.
– Application launcher: TŌGŌ’s application launcher allowed users to launch all applications directly from the menu, streamlining the access to different tools and enhancing efficiency.
– Integration with Microsoft Teams: TŌGŌ seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, providing a unified and efficient working environment for Amadeus employees.

TŌGŌ digital workplace
“We learn from each other and being able to have regular conversations with the TŌGŌ team in Barcelona is amazing.”

Says Elena Velázquez, Senior Manager for Culture, Collaborations & Employee Engagement at Amadeus.

If you want to know more, we invite you to take a look at the paper of this success case.





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