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A groundbreaking social Digital Workplace that fosters smooth employee communication and collaboration, revolutionizing the way teams interact and work together.


An integral solution to organize and manage information

Two years after implementing Office 365, NTT DATA found itself faced with the challenge of managing over 45,000 Teams and a massive 30 petabytes of information. 

Recognizing the need to harness this wealth of knowledge, the company embarked on a mission to develop a comprehensive solution that would effectively aggregate and organize this information, leveraging various relevant criteria. 

By doing so, they aimed to accelerate the adoption of the Office 365 platform, enabling employees to easily access and benefit from the collective expertise within the organization.


Empowering collaboration and engagement

Following TOGO’s integration, the upgraded digital workplace introduces personalized home pages for each user, granting convenient access to pertinent information through dynamic features such as chapters and tribes. 

With the enhanced platform, all employees now have the ability to actively contribute by creating posts, sharing articles, and uploading multimedia content like images and videos. 

This fosters a sense of connection and engagement as users interact with one another, following relevant topics, tags, and actively participating by liking and sharing valuable content. The digital workplace now serves as a vibrant hub where collaboration and knowledge sharing thrive.

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