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A digital workplace to boost your employee experience while unleashing Office 365 full potential

5 tips to improve your employee experience


Let us share with you 5 topics we gathered from our recent projects with TŌGŌ that can help to boost your employees satisfaction.


What is TŌGŌ?

TŌGŌ, where everything comes together

TŌGŌ is a new way of work. A place to stay tunned about your company’s updates, find the latest sales reports, or share your new initiatives with your teammates.


An open window to your company.

What TŌGŌ can do for you?

Stay updated about what’s happening in your company, search for relevant content, check the last sales report, or share your new initiative with your teammates.

Just define your audience and let the system hit the right people &channel.
With TŌGŌ, business critical communications could reach more than 80% of the employees
Make collaboration is even easier with TŌGŌ and TEAMS.
After deploying TŌGŌ, your office workers will become  15-25 % more productive.
Connect with the content that matters the most of you.
With TŌGŌ, O365 usage optimization rises up to 40%, improving your ROI.
Create and share any content easily in just 2 clicks.
By using TŌGŌ, company emails will be reduced by 25% in size and volume .


of TŌGŌ users reached by business critical communications


Average reduction in size and volume of emails for TŌGŌ users


Average increase in productivity of TŌGŌ users


Average increase in adoption of Office365 from TŌGŌ users


Empower your employees collaboration while releasing the full potential of Office 365

Designed to improve employee experience

Start using TŌGŌ from day 1, and let your users discover the full set of features to empower your employees

O365 Native

Make the most of  O365 by combining TŌGŌ’s features with O365 out of the box apps and components to offer a Ready-To-Run Digital workplace.

Employee Analytics

Knowing your users to take better decisions and improve your employee experience.

Harmony boost

TŌGŌ is part of syntphony, the orchestra where everis business solutions come together to outperform themselves as performers in perfect sync.

syntphony offers an ecosystem in which TŌGŌ’s potential is multiplied to help organizations have a greater power to deploy their business strategies.

These are the syntphony solutions that better suit TŌGŌ.

Discover the Ecosystem

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